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Aceyus Connections Omni-channel Reporting Reveals Real-time Performance Metrics

February 06, 2017
Aceyus Connections gives business users the omni channel reporting capabilities they need to optimize their customer journeys and drive business performance. From the enterprise level, all the way down to individual customer interactions, Connections unveils historical and real time performance metrics. With Connections' omni channel reporting capabilities, users can access real time performance metrics, making it easier for them to make ad hoc or long term changes that improve the customer journey. Aceyus dashboards and reports are flexible, easy to build, and can be customized for the business user. Here is a dashboard built by a contact center supervisor. We can see traffic flow from one channel to another, where the day's sales were handled, how many calls are waiting in queue, and so on. From this dashboard, we can see that many of this business' chat interactions were referred to the call center. This is, of course, not optimal. Too many transfers will frustrate customers, potentially leading them to switch to another provider that they feel is more respectful of their needs. Using the information found in this data, the company may, for instance, determine they need to invest in more training for agents so they can handle a larger variety of inquiries. Or perhaps this company would implement a new program that would validate that each contact gets routed to the proper resource regardless of the channel. When all service channels seamlessly communicate, users can see how business functions, departments and technologies operate together to serve one another and the customer. Businesses that use Connections can make faster, better informed changes to their customer interactions that distance their customer service from that of their competition.